KTRL CD32+ Gamepad

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The KTRL CD32+ is a replacement controller for the Amiga CD32 with some great added features!

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The KTRL CD32+ is a replacement controller for the Amiga CD32 with some great added features! It is fully compatible with the original Amiga CD32 controller and can also be used on other Amigas, Commodore computers and other machines supporting Atari style joysticks. You can buy it fully assembled or as a kit that you assemble yourself (thorough assembly instructions are available).

The KTRL CD32+ comes in a box with a four page colour instruction booklet and optional stickers for the DPAD and buttons. The kit option comes with all parts you need to build a fully functional controller (also included is the box, instructions and stickers).


  • Fully compatible with the original Amiga CD32 gamepad.
  • Buttons are mappable (including up/down on the DPAD), so you can for example remap UP to GREEN for easier jumping in non-CD32 games.
  • Turbo-fire with adjustable fire speed for all buttons (excluding play/pause button).
  • Four presets can be stored and loaded. The presets stores mapping, turbo-fire status and speed.
  • One additional default preset can be stored and will be automatically loaded at next use.
  • Responsive buttons and DPAD thanks to gold plated circuit board and properly designed pads for the DPAD.
  • Very low lag (only ~80┬Ás more than the original Amiga CD32 gamepad even with all the added features).

Technical enhancements compared to the original Amiga CD32 gamepad

  • Amiga/gamepad output to output conflict fixed. Due to the implementation of the original CD32 gamepad (and my previous KTRL CD32 gamepad), pin 6 (fire1) will have a output to output conflict every time the buttons are read by the Amiga. The Amiga sets this pin as an output and pulls it LOW while the gamepad will output a HIGH signal. This conflict is very short (a few microseconds), but causes ringing or erroneus signals and can result in unreliable gamepad functionality. The KTRL CD32+ will not cause this conflict and might be more reliable on some problematic Amigas (mainly A1200 machines).
  • Fully compatible with the Commodore 64. The original CD32 gamepad (and my previous KTRL CD32 gamepad) has pull-up resistors on some pins which will result in some keys not working on the C64 while the gamepad is plugged in. These pull-up resistors are required for reliable CD32 gamepad functionality. On the KTRL CD32+, you can easily disable these pull-up resistors (alternative two-button mode), resulting in full C64 compatibility. With an optional two-button adapter (sold separately), you will even get two button functionality in some C64 games.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 3 cm

Fully assembled, Kit, Kit with presoldered SMD components


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