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KTRL Arcade is an advanced arcade controller encoder with minimal input lag.

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KTRL Arcade is an advanced USB arcade controller encoder with minimal input lag (~0.74ms average). Functionality is the same as my smaller “KTRL Arcade Mini”, but this one has more connectivity options and is size-wise similar to PS360/Brook UFB arcade encoder boards (can be mounted in the same holes).


  • Minimal input lag (~0.74ms average).
  • DirectInput (DInput) joystick device (works on Windows/Linux/OS X/RPi/MiSTer)
  • Joystick + 12 buttons (plus added ports for a configure button and LED).
  • Compatible with the wires that comes with the “Zero Delay” style encoders.
  • 20-pin harness header.
  • Screw terminals for easy hookup.
  • Sanwa, Seimitsu and generic joystick ports.
  • Four modes of operation: Joystick A, Joystick B (PS3 compatible layout) (FW 1.2+), Mouse and Keyboard.
  • Built in SOCD (Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions) Cleaner (UP + DOWN = UP, LEFT + RIGHT = NEUTRAL) (FW.1.1+)
  • Turbo fire for any button.
  • Button/joystick mapping.
  • 10 presets (including a default preset that is loaded when controller is plugged in).
  • +5V output port for extra LEDs etc.
  • Firmware can be updated over USB.


Modes of operation
Joystick A: DirectInput joystick with turbo fire and button mapping possible. (Joystick=X/Y Axes, B11/B12=normal buttons)
Joystick B: Like Joystick A but with a PS3 arcade stick compatible layout/mapping. (Joystick=POV, B11=Z Axis -, B12=Z Axis +)
Mouse: Use the joystick to move the mouse pointer, buttons 1-3 work as mouse buttons 1-3. Keep button4 pressed and move joystick to scroll. Button 5 and 6 will slow down and speed up mouse movement and scrolling.
Keyboard: The controller will work as a keyboard with IPAC 2 compatible key mapping.

To set mode of operation, hold [CONFIGURE] and press [UP] X times to set mode, where X=1: Joystick A, X=2: Joystick B, X=3: Mouse, X=4: Keyboard. The LED will blink shortly for every [UP] press. (FW older than V1.2: X=1: Joystick, X=2: Mouse, X=3: Keyboard)

Turbo Fire
Hold [CONFIGURE], press and hold the button (LED will blink quickly when button is initially pressed) for which you want to enable turbo fire until the LED blinks rapidly a few times. Do the same to disable turbo fire. If you enable turbo fire for a copied button, the original button will not be affected. This way you can have turbo fire for something like shooting enabled on one button while it is disabled on the original button.

Turbo Fire speed
Hold [CONFIGURE] and [BUTTON9/HOME], press [BUTTON5] to toggle speeds suitable for PAL/50Hz games, [BUTTON6] to toggle speeds suitable for NTSC/60Hz games. The LED will blink at the rate of the turbo fire.

Mapping the buttons and the joystick
Hold [CONFIGURE], press the source button (or joystick direction) (LED will blink quickly), then press the destination button. The LED will blink twice on success. You can also disable/enable a button by mapping it to itself. The LED will then blink once when a button is disabled, twice when it is enabled.

Debounce logic
Hold [CONFIGURE] and [BUTTON9/HOME], press [RIGHT] to toggle the debounce logic. The LED blinks twice when it is enabled, once when it is disabled.

Save a preset
Hold [CONFIGURE] and [BUTTON9/HOME], press and hold any of buttons 1-4, 7-8 or 10-12 until the LED blinks twice, to save current configuration to the preset associated with that button. The presets save the following: turbo fire (and speed), button mapping, mode of operation and debounce logic status.

Load a preset
Hold [CONFIGURE] and [BUTTON9/HOME], press and release any of buttons 1-4, 7-8 or 10-12 to load the preset associated with that button. The LED blinks twice on success, once on failure.

Save defaults
Hold [CONFIGURE] and [BUTTON9/HOME], press and hold [DOWN], until the LED blinks twice (about two seconds).

Restore defaults
Hold [CONFIGURE] and [BUTTON9/HOME], briefly press [DOWN] to restore the default settings.

Additional information

Weight 0.060 kg
Dimensions 9.7 × 4.5 × 1.1 cm


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